Sunday, August 29, 2010

Changes by Jim Butcher

Long ago, Susan Rodriguez was Harry Dresden's lover-until she was attacked by his enemies, leaving her torn between her own humanity and the bloodlust of the vampiric Red Court. Susan then disappeared to South America, where she could fight both her savage gift and those who cursed her with it.

Now Arianna Ortega, Duchess of the Red Court, has discovered a secret Susan has long kept, and she plans to use it-against Harry. To prevail this time, he may have no choice but to embrace the raging fury of his own untapped dark power. Because Harry's not fighting to save the world...

He's fighting to save his child.

I want to try and keep this review completely spoil free, (highly difficult when I often ramble through my thoughts) So please excuse my at times unlady like excitment, random scattering and somewhat-slight vaugeness of it all!

I think it is very appropriate in a brief summary, to borrow one of Jim Butchers most memorable line in this book, also my favorite: "HOLY HELL ON THE WHAT-THE-FUCK-WAS-THAT PARTY LINE"

While I've heard about the Dresden Files in passing from several people I had only filed it away as 'someday I'll get to them' after a trusty book discussion buddy of mine sang them praises as his favorite series ever. It was that extra shove I'd needed, to see what the fuss was all about, for me the series started slow and I just couldn't see where all the fuss was originating from, but as the books carried on Butcher's world built more vividly, the characters brought to life with more & more wit & charm I too was enthralled and quickly became a Dresden Files junkie, quickly flying through the remaining Dresden Files, leading up to File 12 Changes and...

Holy Shitz this book was effing made of awesome!!!

With Changes, Jim Butcher has outdone all of the previous books even my personal faves of Blood Rites & White Night, which I didn't think was possible. From page one your given a shock (see last line in cover detail above) that never lets up, 438 pages of non-stop goodness, that I couldn't read fast enough! Pretty much all of our beloved characters make an apperance (some disappointedly brief ie: MORE RAMIREZ PLEASE!) who either help or not help Harry through the darkest, roughest predictament he's ever been in to date that all leads up to the climax of the book as Harry reaches his final breaking point. In his attempt to survive it he does things that to me I felt was very out-of-character. Which is why I believe the book was aptly titled Changes. This jaw-dropping, adrenaline driven, masterpiece changes Harry Dresden completely and I think the Dresden world as we know it will never be the same. March & Ghost Story can not get here soon enough!

If you are completely new to the Dresden Files, I highly suggest starting with book 1 Storm Front. The world is steadily built up as it goes along and not meant for stand-alone reading. New readers would miss out on the full effect of the series and be lost at many points.

If your up to date, what are you waiting for? Read Changes ASAP! =)

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5/5 stars (all highly earned)

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