Books Read in 2010!

  1. Deep Kiss of Winter; Kresley Cole/Gena Showalter  
  2. My Soul to Save By; Rachel Vincent  
  3. Lament; Maggie Stiefvater  
  4. Ballad; Maggie Stiefvater  
  5. DreamFever; Karin Marie Moning  
  6. Magic Mourns; Ilona Andrews  
  7. Poison Study; Maria V. Snyder  
  8. Magic Study; Maria V Snyder
  9. Fire Study; Maria V. Snyder  
  10. Stolen; Kelley Armstrong  
  11. Warprize; Elizabeth Vaughan  
  12. Warsworn; Elizabeth Vaughan  
  13. Warlord; Elizabeth Vaughan  
  14. Beastly; Alex Flinn  
  15. Shadow Music; Julie Garwood  
  16. On the Edge; Ilona Andrews  
  17. Rosemary & Rue; Seanan McGuire  
  18. Strange Angels; Lili St. Crow  
  19. Betrayals; Lili St. Crow  
  20. Dime Store Magic; Kelley Armstrong  
  21. Industrial Magic; Kelley Armstrong  
  22. Ecstasy Unveiled; Larissa Ione  
  23. Red Headed Stepchild; Jaye Wells  
  24. Need; Carrie Jones  
  25. Forest Born; Shannon Hale
  26. Demon Not Included; Cheyenne McCray  
  27. Broken; Kelley Armstrong  
  28. Haunted; Kelley Armstrong  
  29. No Humans Involved; Kelley Armstrong  
  30. Personal Demon; Kelley Armstrong
  31. Frostbitten; Kelley Armstrong
  32. First Drop of Crimson; Jeaniene Frost
  33. Kitty & the Midnight Hour; Carrie Vaughn
  34. Tempest Rising; Nicole Peeler
  35. Men of the Otherworld; Kelley Armstrong
  36. Beginnings; Kelley Armstrong
  37. Pleasure of a Dark Prince; Kresley Cole
  38. Living with the Dead; Kelley Armstrong
  39. Shift; Rachel Vincent
  40. Nightwalker; Jocelynn Drake
  41. Daywalker; Jocelynn Drake
  42. Dawnbreaker; Jocelynn Drake
  43. Dead Witch Walking; Kim Harrison
  44. Last Vampire; Christopher Pike
  45. Black Blood; Christopher Pike
  46. Red Dice; Christopher Pike
  47. Good, Bad, & Undead; Kim Harrison
  48. Every Witch Way But Dead; Kim Harrison
  49. Fistful of Charms; Kim Harrison
  50. For a Few Demons More; Kim Harrison
  51. Hush, Hush; Becca Fitzpatrich
  52. Outlaw Demon Wails; Kim Harrison
  53. White Witch, Black Curse; Kim Harrison
  54. A Local Habitation; Seanan McGuire
  55. Mark of the Demon; Diana Rowland
  56. Born in Fire; Nora Roberts
  57. Born in Ice; Nora Roberts
  58. Born in Shame; Nora Roberts
  59. A Rush of Wings; Adrian Phoenix
  60. Maximum Ride; James Patterson
  61. Impulse; Ellen Hopkins
  62. Trickters Choice; Tamora Pierce
  63. Tricksters Queen; Tamora Pierce
  64. Silver Bourne; Patricia Briggs
  65. Succubus Shadows; Richelle Mead
  66. Dates From Hell; Anthology
  67. Devil Inside; Jenna Black
  68. Devil You Know; Jenna Black
  69. Embrace the Darkness; Jenna Black
  70. Devils Due; Jenna Black
  71. Speak of the Devil; Jenna Black
  72. Devil’s Playground; Jenna Black
  73. Divine Misdimenors; Laurell K. Hamilton
  74. Kitty Goes to Washington; Carrie Vaughn
  75. Perfect Chemistry; Simone Elkeles
  76. Blood of the Demon; Diana Rowland
  77. Such a Pretty Girl; Laura Wiess
  78. Kitty Takes a Holiday; Carrie Vaughn
  79. Kitty & the Silver Bullet; Carrie Vaughn
  80. Kitty & the Dean Man’s Hand; Carrie Vaughn
  81. Kitty Raises Hell; Carrie Vaughn
  82. Scent of Shadows; Vicki Pettersson
  83. Taste of the Night; Vicki Pettersson
  84. Touch of Twilight; Vicki Pettersson
  85. Tales of the Otherworld; Kelley Armstrong
  86. Flirt; Laurell K. Hamilton
  87. My Soul to Keep; Rachel Vincent
  88. Magician’s Guild; Trudi Canavan
  89. The Novice; Trudi Canavan
  90. The Highlord; Trudi Canavan
  91. Inside Out; Maria V. Snyder
  92. Storm Glass; Maria V. Snyder
  93. Sea Glass; Maria V. Snyder
  94. Kitty’s House of Horrors; Carrie Vaughn
  95. Kiss of Death; Rachel Caine
  96. Tempted; Megan Hart
  97. Magic Strikes; Ilona Andrews (reread)
  98. Love in the Time of Dragons; Katie MacAlister
  99. DaggerStar; Elizabeth Vaughan
  100. Night’s Kiss; Amanda Ashley
  101. Spirit Bound; Richelle Mead
  102. Magic Bleeds; Ilona Andrews
  103. Black Magic Sanction; Kim Harrison
  104. Horns; Joe Hill
  105. Magic to the Bone; Devon Monk
  106. Glimmerglass; Jenna Black
  107. Moon Sworn; Keri Arthur
  108. Radiant Shadows; Melissa Marr
  109. Magic in the Blood; Devon Monk
  110. Magic in the Shadows; Devon Monk
  111. Magic on the Storm; Devon Monk
  112. Ash; Malinda Lo
  113. Demon’s Lexicon; Sarah Rees Brennan
  114. The Forest of Hands & Teeth; Carrie Ryan
  115. Beautiful Creatures; Kami Garcia/Margaret Stohl
  116. Leftovers; Laura Wiess
  117. Hells Bells; Jackie Kessler
  118. Leviathan; Scott Westerfeld
  119. Naked in Death; J.D. Robb
  120. His Majesty’s Dragon; Naomi Novik
  121. Storm Front; Jim Butcher  
  122. Full Moon; Jim Butcher  
  123. Grave Peril; Jim Butcher
  124. City of Souls; Vicki Pettersson
  125. Cheat the Grave; Vicki Pettersson
  126. Slave to Sensation; Nalini Singh  
  127. Darkest Passion; Gena Showalter
  128. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner; Stephenie Meyer
  129. Tracking the Tempest; Nicole Peeler
  130. The Road to Hell; Jackie Kessler
  131. Awaken me Darkly; Gena Showalter
  132. Summer Knight; Jim Butcher
  133. Throne of Jade; Naomi Novik
  134. Black Powder War; Naomi Novik
  135. Empire Of Ivory; Naomi Novik
  136. Victory of Eagles; Naomi Novik
  137. Death Masks; Jim Butcher
  138. Dead Tossed Waves; Carrie Ryan
  139. The Dark Divine; Bree Despain
  140. Intertwined; Gena Showalter
  141. Lover Mine; J.R. Ward
  142. Kitty Goes to War; Carrie Vaughn
  143. Bullet; Laurell K. Hamilton
  144. Highland Blessings; Jennifer Hudson Taylor
  145. His Lady Mistress; Elizabeth Rolls
  146. How it Ends; Laura Wiess
  147. Fragile; Shiloh Walker
  148. Broken; Shiloh Walker
  149. Bloodring; Faith Hunter
  150. Seraphs; Faith Hunter
  151. Host; Faith Hunter
  152. Wicked Game; Jeri Smith-Ready
  153. Blood Rites; Jim Butcher  
  154. Dead Beat; Jim Butcher
  155. Proven Guilty; Jim Butcher
  156. Tricks; Ellen Hopkins
  157. Eternal Kiss of Darkness; Jeaniene Frost
  158. White Night; Jim Butcher
  159. Turn Coat; Jim Butcher